Founded in 2020, the team at FAST TRACK AGRO TECH LLP aims to make farming a lot more practical for our clients, especially those who depend on the success of their agricultural activities.


To co-create innovate frugal solutions in the Agri Sector.


Having a next gen approach to problem statement solutions.


Transparency. Agility. Customer Reverence.

Designed for Farmers

Exact Measures

Reporting & Support

Farmers can take their production yields to a whole new level with the reliable information our technology offers. Set up your measuring tools for all sorts of variables, like changes in weather, genetics and more.

A Connected Farm

Having trouble understanding exactly when to plant, harvest or irrigate your crops? With our technology, that won't be an issue. Gain access to instant data and with it, feel confident that you're making the best decisions for your production.

Why Choose Us?

Precision Farming

Use Farming Tech to improve yield and reduce cost

Farm Management

Science and technology backed advancements to aid farming

Easy On-board APP

Connect all aspects of your farm operation with ease

Manage Time Effectively

Properly manage the essential timings of your crops

Take Informed Decisions

Test results to indicate favorable soil conditions for planting period

Platform you can Trust

Backed by a team of professionals who want to make a difference

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