We are the Future of Smart Farming!

Fast Track Agro Tech LLP is founded in 2020 with the envisage of empowering the farmers with technology. Agriculture can propel the economy to acme level when science can calculate what to yield and how to nurture it.

We offer a range of precision agriculture tools integrated with software like:

  • GPS technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Temperature & Moisture Sensors
  • Aerial images

These technologies ensure an efficient and safer environment to select, produce, promote, and distribute agricultural products. Hence, higher efficiency can be achieved at lower prices, reducing environmental pollution, maintaining ecological balance, and producing safer food grown in secured condition.

The measuring tools and data management system is incorporated in a user-friendly interface, which can be used by all, seamlessly. To relegate connectivity issues, such devices can be used even with limited internet access.

With exclusive surveillance and reporting system, the entire process of farming can be monitored and set based on changing variables like weather, genetic factors, etc. The automatic reporting and alert system forewarn to further required step in cultivating the best productivity.

We believe that our success is directly proportional to our patron's achievements. Therefore, we are vigilant round the clock to keep updated and provide surpassing service.

Our Team

Abhijeet Hazarika


Aditya Hazarika


Sumaysh Agrrawal


Team Members consist of

Crop Scientist

Industry Veterans

Young Engineers

Software Majors