Automatic Surveillance

To accomplish the best yield from farming, automatic surveillance is a major consideration. Our range of automatic surveillance technology monitors the farming field based on some detrimental factors like environmental changes, weeds, growth of crops, water, nutrient level, and a lot more. These products are designed in a way, which can work in any adverse situation like poor data connectivity, light, or availability of soil samples.

Using technical empowerment like intelligent sensor technique, computer vision technology, and artificial intelligence, the objective of farming is tracked and measured. Using cameras, computers, software, light intensity, each minute details are consistently monitored. Wireless remote equipment is used to let not any extrinsic factor interrupt the system.

These types of equipment are extremely user-friendly and can be easefully operated. It is a perfect balance between traditional farming methodologies and modern technology, which comes in a cost-effective package. Our success lies in your yield of happiness; hence we craft everything with care and passion.