Powering the Disruption Engine
Proud to be a TCS Co-innovator Partner

As digital technologies uproot and disrupt well-established industries, new innovation opportunities keep emerging at the fast-blurring boundaries between business domains. Leveraged against a robust innovation ecosystem, these opportunities can help companies address specific customer challenges.

The COIN network provides start-ups direct access to TCS’ marquee accounts through its sales, marketing, and client teams, along with introductions to affiliated investors such as venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate venture capital. Each year, several start-ups are channeled through the TCS COIN™ pipeline after rigorous business and technology due diligence.

Choice of TCS COIN™ Partners

TCS COIN™’s Emerging Technology team identifies disruptive technologies and start-ups, and facilitates industry-relevant collaboration with TCS business units and customers. Together, TCS Research and Innovation and TCS COIN™ partners have developed several path-breaking ideas, many of which have been successfully transitioned into customer solutions.

Fast Track Agrotech LLP is proud to be a TCS COIN™ partner and together working to create pathbreaking innovations in the Agriculture sector along with TCS.

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